iOS 5 Most Wanted Features

Here’s what you have been waiting for! iOS Most wanted features..
Apple might raise curtains off iOS 5.0 at its yearly developer conference WWDC 2011, and if sources are to be believed, Apple is going to bring the next cycle of iOS along with the iPhone 5.
Apple would be unveiling the iOS 5 around spring, alongside iPhone 5 in summer. The word is that there would be some heavy changes coming to MobileMe, showing more love for the cloud.
  • Better Folders
  • Wireless Syncing
  • Android-style Lock Screen
  • Revamped Notifications
  • Music Sharing/Streaming
  • Improved Multitasking
  • New Auto Correct System
  • Improved Airprint
  • Beefed-Up Game Center
  • Better Hotspot (More devices)
  • Cloud Services (Free MobileMe)
  • iPhone Mail mirrors the iPad
  • Gesture support
  • Android Style Lock
  • Adobe Flash!
Meanwhile, OS X Lion is likely to also include various cloud-based functionality, further bridging the gap between the Apple’s iOS mobile range and its Mac lines.
What’s your own wish list?

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