Where It Begins - My First Owned Website Using Exabyte

Finally I decided to take the plunge and register my own domain. I have been using the name “Edoras FotoZine” for many years in different websites such as the Fotopages, Blogger and Flickr.

Thus, before anyone else register that domain name, I decided to buy the domain and create my own photoblog, gadget blog and travel blog.

I registered the domain from one of Malaysia’s Hosting Services i.e. Exabytes on Jan. 31, 2011. Initially, I thought to use the domain name on the Blogger site but it seems that its quite a hassle to configure it there. Thus, I decided to subscribed to “Home Biz” package (hosting services)from Exabytes. At least my site is hosted locally (in response to the Government’s initiatives to host within Malaysian shores). Hopefully, the web response time from local users will be much faster than the international hosting services.


Since this is my first time, I found it is very difficult to understand all the Jargon of the website development but I managed to learn over the night. Configuring the services over the c-panel of Exabytes hosting server is not that difficult but to ensure that I install the right applications is quite a hassle for me.

At first, I tried some of Wordpress Template to create my Blog but it was not to my liking. Then, creating my own portal using Joomla proved to be a disaster. For someone who have no background experience of web designer, it is certainly not an easy task.

I have to call/email Exabytes support three times to solve my problem. Both times, I have not been able to access the server (due to firewall and too many ftp logins) and later I have difficulty in making http://www.edorasfotozine.com to open my self-created Frontpage /Homepage. It always decided to point back to the Exabytes welcoming page.

Finally, I chose to use iWeb for my Web Development. Initially I have problem in setting the FTP login and Directory settings, but finally I managed to pull it through and my first website is ready to have contents inserted.

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