iPhone FaceTime Problems (Facetime Button Missing)

FaceTime is not working. What has happened? I have been searching numerous places but very few people talk about the missing FaceTime setting. Heres what I have consolidated.

1. Check your FaceTime setting
Go to Settings > Phone and verify your FaceTime is ON.

If your FaceTime setting is missing, I am guessing that you have just jailbroken your phone. FaceTime will have problem working properly after you have jail broken. (Read more here). Do a Cydia update of the "Base Structure" package and the setting should appear after a reboot.

2. Check you are on WIFI
You should be on WIFI for the FaceTime to work. If you do not mind playing a small fee, my other post will share how to make FaceTime work on 3G.

3. Check your calling party is on iPhone 4
The person you are calling should also be on iPhone 4 with WIFI.

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