[HOW-TO] - Fix Error 3200 iOS 5 Updating In iTunes

Fix Error 3200 iOS 5 Updating In iTunes
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by Ahmed Omar on October 12, 2011
Getting Error 3200 while upgrading to iOS 5? Need a fix for that? Well, Error 3200 is “an internal error occurred” that happens while upgrading to the newest software iOS 5. The error is as a result of the huge traffic on Apple’s servers. We have got a method sent to use in the tips box and we would like to share it.


Fix Error 3200 While Updating To iOS 5
STEP 1: After downloading and installing iTunes 10.5. Run iTunes for 10 minutes then close it.
STEP 2: Navigate to the following folder:
  • Windows:  C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
STEP 3: Now cut and paste the files there to a folder on your desktop. (WARNING: Don’t delete them, just cut and paste)
STEP 4: Put your iPhone into DFU Mode by following our guide posted here.
STEP 5: Finally, open iTunes and go with iOS 5 restore procedure.
Let us know in case you got better solution.
UPDATE: We’ve heard that putting the device in DFU mode only is enough to fix the error.
UPDATE: Check the comments for some useful solutions and discussions.

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