Maxis Launching iPhone 4S on Nov. 25, 2011

It is now widely speculated in Low Yat Net Forum discussions that Maxis will launch by Nov. 25, 2011 according to some insider information (there is a "big event" in Maxis soon).

It might be true due to several reasons:

  • Apple released a press information that there will be another 15 countries to launch by 11/11/11.
  • 70 more countries before the end of the year. This most likely include Malaysia.
  • Singapore have already launched theirs - both at their telcos and the Apple Online Singapore. Malaysia's black market is now full by iPhone 4S sets from Singapore and recently from Hong Kong. Now, Malaysian credit cards can be use to purchase the iPhone 4S but need to be delivered to Singapore address (unlike last year where we can only use Singapore credit cards)
  • Singapore Apple Online only open orders 21 and 22 Oct but later closed for new online orders.
  • However, yesterday, Singapore Apple online opened again (temporary) for 64GB iPhone 4S models. Delivery date is between 1-2 weeks (Shipping 17-24 Nov). 
  • This is what I believed Nov. 25, 2011 will be the date for the Malaysia to launch their iPhone 4S.
  • The staggered launching of iPhone 4S is probably Apple wants to control their supply chain. There is always a shortage of iPhone 4S worldwide.
  • Most probably there will be no Malaysia Apple Online iPhone 4S in order to give the local telcos (Maxis, Celcom and Digi) a good head start.
Do you think this prediction is right?

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