My Experience - The First 5 Days Using iPhone 4S

  • What's so different between the iPhone 4 and the 4S?
  • I got my hands on the 4S a couple of days back (Nov. 22, 2011 - see my last post), and I must admit that I don't have enough time to experiment with the phone yet and cannot provide a conclusive judgement yet. However, let me comment some of things which I discovered after using it for a few days.
  • I predict Siri will be the new technology that will change the way that we interact with the Smartphones. We used Keyboard, and later Touch, and now we are able to Talk. Siri, unlike other "stupid" and "not so intelligent" voice recognition application, it responds naturally to your commands. Siri's brain actually in the "Cloud" or so-called "Siri's server" and requires the Internet to make it work. It is understandable because no smartphone in the world is capable of handling such intelligent voice recognition system. Thus, it requires the server to do that. Imagine one day, Siri is able to learn your profile and even suggest a "restaurant", a "movie" and might also remind you about your calendar. Technologies are already available to make it more intelligent, but unfortunately the network is not ubiquitous enough, and the battery is still limited.
  • Talking about battery consumption, this iPhone 4S really drain the batter very fast. I am not sure whether its really the software problem which Apple have updated its iOS to 5.0.1, or is it just because we use the iPhone a lot more than before. In the excitement of using Siri, we tend to forget that its draining the battery fast!
  • Since iPhone is equipped with a better CPU and higher camera resolution, taking photos are becoming snappier and browsing the Internet is far faster than the iPhone 4.
  • I love the iOS 5 Notification Centre! In fact, it brings quite a number of tweaks found in Cydia to the iOS 5. This is the beauty of having a bunch of hackers that provide excellent feedbacks to Apple to improve their iOS.

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